This Female Entrepreneur is Going the Extra Mile to Stop Distracted Driving

Neha Husein phone

DALLAS (SMU) – Driven to chauffeur change, Just Drive is an app that, by no accident, offers incentive-based rewards to users who stay off their phones while driving. Car puns aside, Just Drive founder, Big iDeas 2017 Pitch Contest and 2018 Business Plan Competition Winner, and WEDallas Mentor Neha Husein is using her personal story to connect with others and advocate for safer roads by reducing the number of accidents caused by distracted driving.

The app is set to release October 15th!

Many people think distracted driving is only done by the younger generation, but through Neha’s research, she has found that “most driving accidents occur in the in the age range from 18-34.” Neha wants others to become more aware of just how many deaths and accidents occur each year due to distracted driving. When she was hit by a distracted driver, that accident was just one of 400,000 distracted driving accidents that year.

Neha pitched her idea at the SMU Big iDeas 2017 Pitch contest, won $1000, then she built her business plan and pitched it at the SMU Big iDeas 2018 Business Plan competition and won $5000. All of the seed money was dedicated to the prototyping and development of Just Drive.

Neha is currently working with sponsors to add incentives to Just Drive, such as “coupons, gift cards, and car insurance discounts”. She encourages others who have ideas to help their community to just “go for it.” There will be someone who shares your concern and will be able to help with the mission, but “You have to start somewhere.”

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