Sael Wellness

By Haley Zadel, ’20

When you think of problems surrounding your health and wellness, what comes to mind? Struggling to maintain a healthy diet? Trying to continue regular exercise? Challenges with mental health and stability? Whatever it might be, Conner Saeli, SMU alum and founder of Sael Wellness, believes that being healthy should be easy and is here to help!

Sael Wellness​ is a health and wellness company that strives to make products that help people live a healthy, energetic, and happy lifestyle without sacrificing fun and convenience. Its products are focused on solving specific nutritional problems. Currently, Sael Wellness offers two gummy products: Sound Sleep and Happy Apple.

Sound Sleep​ is a melatonin and magnesium gummy that helps people fall and stay asleep throughout the night and wake up feeling energized for the day ahead. Getting good quality sleep has many benefits, including an increase in memory and focus, a healthier immune system, and better weight management. ​Happy Apple​ is an apple cider vinegar and ginger gummy to help with overall health and wellness. Its ingredients have several health benefits, including immune support, weight management, and digestion.

Connor Saeli
Connor Saeli

Saeli came up with the idea to start a health and wellness company in 2019. “I’ve always wanted to start a business to figure out something that I’m passionate about, and I just came up with this idea because in 2019, it was a pretty crazy year for me and I wasn’t sleeping well,” he said.

While researching ways to solve health and wellness problems he was facing, he recognized the opportunity to create a business that helps other people with similar issues. “Through college and high school, I had all these business ideas, but I would never act on it and actually start it. But the year 2019 was all about taking risks for me and putting myself out there. It taught me that when you do stuff like that, you really challenge yourself and put yourself in a position to succeed,” explains Saeli.

Saeli has ambitious goals for his health and wellness startup. He hopes to grow his company and have several different products available to consumers by the end of the year. In the future, Saeli is also determined to make Sael Wellness a household name known by all.