Our Entrepreneurs


Advising {AI}

Advising AI is an app automating 4-year degree plan creation, allowing students to have more student-advisor interaction and graduate on time.  Advising AI is founded by Momin Irfan.

Blue Rose Media

Blue Rose Media logo

Blue Rose Media Group is a multimedia company that fosters racial healing, through truthful and transformative storytelling. Blue Rose Media is founded by Pamela Bailey READ MORE…


The Cox Collegiate Consulting Academy is a competitive, premier development program preparing students for careers in consulting.  Powered by the SMU Cox School of Business


Billy LoBue

Billy LoBue ’21 is designing a mobile app to access, organize, and manage contacts, removing the need for traditional business cards.

College +

CollegePlus is using its web based business, powered by recent high school grads, to provide resources for high school students to better understand how plan for their future.

Curly Solutions

Curly Solutions Logo

Curly Solutions is using scientific data and artificial intelligence, to develop curly styling products based on customers’ unique hair needs and goals. Curly Solutions is founded by Mona El-Gharby



Cuspr is  social networking platform for people looking to make a career in creative fields such as music, film, or art).  Cuspr aims to be the “LinkedIn for creatives” seamlessly connecting creatives to clients 

Deep Energy

DeepEnergy is working to develop an adiabatic energy storage cavern that is low-cost, round trip efficient, high capacity, safe, and long-duration to reduce carbon emissions.  Deep Energy is founded by Austin Hickly

Dynamic Real Estate Analytics


Dynamic Real Estate Analytics blends complex theoretical mathematical modeling, principles of project management, and engineering solutions for the focused success of clients. DREA is founded by Vince Odine


EZTutor logo


EZTutor is an online marketplace for peer tutoring that uses a best-fit tutor algorithm to match a learner to a qualified tutor based on location, interests and activities EZ Tutor is founded by Aryn Bhatnagar READ MORE…

Geek Styr

GeekStyr is a Dating and Friends app for Geeks! GeekStyr is committed to helping our users find connections based on shared values and interests that go beyond a photo! GeekStry is founded by Tom Hauser 


Genesis Blockchain Academy logo

Genesis Blockchain Academy helps educators deliver blockchain business training by providing state-of-the-art materials and resources to universities. Genesis Blockchain Academy is founded by Simon Mak. 

Give a Pencil

Give A Pencil is a program that functions to allocate school supplies to teachers and students in Dallas. Give A Pencil works to eliminate the idea that a student’s socioeconomic background should dictate their future. Give A Pencil is founded by Sanaa Ghanim.

Green Book

Greenbook is a college magazine by and for students of color.  It gives non-white students at SMU a voice and provides a platform for them to express what they feel and think.  Greenbook is founded by   Belle Campbell, Wren Lee, and Temi George 

Greener Life

GreenerLife logo

GreenerLife is an application/website that allows the average consumer to review the amount of trash they create on a daily basis, educating them on how to lower the impact they make on the environment. GreenerLife is founded by Taylor Slaton. READ MORE

City Health Tech

City Health Tech is using IoT technology to build healthier communities and mitigate the spread of disease.  Their first product Opal educates and encourages healthy handwashing habits. City Health Tech is founded by Wole Akande.

Just Drive

Neha Husein Just Drive Big iDeas

Just Drive is an app that awards points and incentives to drivers for not texting and dirving. Just Drive is founded by Neha Husein. Read More 

Latinx Spaces

Latinx Spaces is a digital media platform at the intersection of Latinx art, culture, and politics. Latinx Spaces advertising is led by Luis Linan. 

Local Sage

Local Sage is an online farmers market connecting foodies to the best products from their city, region, or state.  Local Sage is founded by Gavin Watts

Model The Way

Model the Way is providing entrepreneurship education to high school students, with a curriculum focused on solving community problems with business solutions.  Model the Way is founded by Camille McCallum


Plutus21 logo

Plutus21 is a fundamentals-based, thesis-driven fund targeting the picks-and-shovels of blockchain technology. Plutus 21 is founded by Hamiz Awan


QueueUp Music

QueueUp Music is a mobile application allowing users to democratically create a queue of music to be played in a group setting. It lets users vote on what song should be played next. QueueUp Music is founded by Jonathan Ebrihimam.

Quick Disinfecting Force

Quick Disinfecting Force is an electrostatic disinfecting service that eliminates 99.99% of viruses and bacteria protecting surfaces for up to 30 days. Their approach results in less chemicals for a healthier environment. 

Rodman Steele Studio

Rodman Steele Studio is a Dallas based musical instruction team creating individualized plans for students who specialize in voice, piano, guitar, bass, and performance skills. Rodman Steele Studio is founded by Rodman Steele

SAEL Studio

Sael Wellness is a consumer centric health and wellness company focused on providing functional nutrition for everyday lifestyle needs. Sael Wellness is founded by Connor Sael READ MORE. . . 

SMU E-Sports Club

SMU Esports team logo

The SMU Esports is a club that promotes gaming among both casual and competitive circles at SMU. The club sponsors a number of competitive teams as well as host social and charity events throughout the year. SMU Esports Club is founded by Evan Siewert. 

Student Ad Agency

The Student Advertising Agency is pairing talented students with real-world clients.  Under the guidance of expert mentorship, students complete paid advertising assignments and gain valuable hands-on experience. The student ad agency is founded is founded by SMU professors Gordon Law and David Hadeler

Sweetie Take Care of Yourself

Sweetie Take Care is an all natural skin care brand that functions on a get one give one model. The self care kit includes a hair and skin butter, a sugar scrub and a note of encouragement.  For every kit sold one is given to a black women in need. Sweetie Take Care is founded by Brinn Bailey.

The Gambia Electrification Project

The Gambia Electrification project is working to bring clean and sustainable energy sources to Gambia to combat its high energy demands. The project focuses on providing innovative engineering solutions. The Gambia Electrification Project is founded by Mohammed Njie.

The Playground Acting Program

The Playground logo
The Playground is an acting program for children ages 7-15 to participate in interactive acting classes that teach soft skills through the art of acting. The Playground Acting Program is founded by Alysia Giakoumas. READ MORE…


Tree-ology is a company that is working to reduce single-use plastics, reduce your carbon footprint and promote greener thinking. Tree-ology is founded by Surya Ramakrishnan


Abby Peterson

Unify is an app connecting students with other students on campus, such as upper-classmen, and those with similar interests, clubs, and organizations.  Unify is founded by Abigail Peterson

Vending MyChine

Vending MyChine

Vending MyChine is a mobile application directed towards consumers to provide direct customer feedback of what item selections they would like stocked in their machine by using a rating system on products. Vending Mychine is founded by Demetrie King


Vuzag is a personal guide to your city. A location based search engine that displays a lives snap shot of your community.  This application can be used for universities to enhance and promote campus life. Vuzag is founded by Jalen Lynch, Robert Seals, and Daniel Gresham

We The Students

We The Students is a human rights program dedicated to building a coalition of student-activists from colleges across North Texas focused on promoting higher education equity. We The Students is founded by Lamisa Mustafa. 

Mentors in Residence

Carlos Martinez

Rene Larrave

Carlos Carpizo

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